Experiencing the magic of Conga Connect APAC


July 09, 2018

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“Technology at its best is indistinguishable from magic.” Attendees of the very first APAC Conga Connect in Sydney discovered the truth in this quote from keynote speaker Robert Wickham. Wickham, RVP of Platform Emerging Technologies at Salesforce APAC, kicked off Connect Sydney with some critical thoughts on how the fourth Industrial Revolution of Artificial Intelligence is transforming every customer experience. Eighty percent of B2B buyers now expect real-time interactions, and as customer expectations have changed, businesses have to deliver intelligent experiences in order to connect—which, when done correctly, can be a magical experience. Wickham mentioned three key ways to deliver these “magical” experiences:

  1. Capture real-time data signals
  2. Learn your audience’s behaviors through Natural Language Processing or Machine Learning
  3. Connect to your customers in a new way

Our second keynote of the day was delivered by Conga’s own VP of Product Marketing, Will Spendlove. He introduced how Conga is leading the way in the fourth Industrial Revolution with our new Digital Document Transformation Platform, which uses Conga solutions to drive prescriptive insights through connected data, contextual content through digital document generation and management, and intelligent automation of documents and contracts. Spendlove also debuted Conga AI— the technology that drives our digital document transformation, to help users replace analog tasks, automate business processes, and reduce business risk. Conga Connect is designed for and inspired by our amazing customers, and the customer panel session is always one of the main highlights of the event. We heard from several APAC innovators in the Connect APAC panel, including Autism CRC, Flight Centre, Silver Chef, and InZone Industries. The panel spoke about their businesses challenges, how they are part of their organizations’ digital transformation process, and how Conga solutions and services helped their teams automate their documents and contracts successfully. The main keynote was delivered by Dr. Jordan Nguyen, who blew the audience away with inspiring stories of how technology can change people’s lives in the disability sector and beyond. He explained his life mission to improve the lives of as many people as possible through the use of technology, and how he aspires to continue to be a driving force behind positive human and technological evolution into the future. A session attendees will no doubt remember forever, Dr. Jordan’s key takeaway was that technology is an enabler, but it’s important to humanize that technology—a lesson we should all remember in our day-to-day roles. Our afternoon was dedicated to hands-on learning with an open expo where our customers could choose-their-own-adventure. Options included:

  • Conga University sessions
  • Use Case Spotlights that documented customer stories
  • Like Minds sessions for best practice sharing
  • Solution Stations for 1-on-1 technical consultations
  • Demo stations of Conga and partner solutions

Forrester analyst Zhi Ying Ng closed out the day with an analyst’s perspective of the role of automation in Digital Transformation, specifically in the APAC region. She explained how ANZ firms that are undergoing digital transformation are trying to achieve three top outcomes:

  1. Reduce costs
  2. Revenue growth 
  3. Improve the customer experience (CX) 

In keeping with our Connect theme, Ng’s presentation backed the belief that the future of automation lies in both AI and a human element. Our APAC team had a phenomenal time meeting our customers, prospects, and partners over the course of the day. Since it began just two years ago, we’ve taken our industry-leading Conga Connect conference to Orlando, Las Vegas, London, Chicago, and now Sydney, Australia! We hope all of our APAC customers and partners went home feeling inspired and ready to embrace the future of technology and digital transformation, and learned how they can inspire that change in their businesses. We can’t wait to see you all again at Down Under Dreaming and Dreamforce!


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