Why digital document solutions are no longer just "nice to have"

Elise Rooney

September 09, 2020

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What a year it’s been. I promise, this isn’t another blog about the unprecedented year of 2020, but it’s become increasingly difficult to ignore the impact the past nine months will have on shaping our future. 

As a marketer, I’m constantly asking our account team what they’re hearing from the customers and potential customers that they talk to daily. One theme has been apparent: the need for digital solutions has never been greater. And not just digital, but solutions that can replace the way business used to be done and the way it will likely never be conducted again, which is 100 percent in-person. 

Yes, things are changing, but as we’re all learning together, a paradigm shift of this caliber isn’t doom and gloom, it’s actually quite exciting. Anyone else love taking that first call of the morning in their pajamas or getting snuggles from your dog (or cat, or even children) throughout the day? It won’t be like this forever—we’ll return to our offices and to new routines—but our processes will remain changed, for the better. 

The point is: this shift to remote work has shed light on the parts of business that have been at risk for some time—we’ve just been able to ignore them while working together at the office. Your business needs, like changes to your processes and systems, may have been accelerated by the events of 2020, but they’ve always been needed. Some have considered Conga solutions as a ‘nice to have’ and placed it on their ‘maybe someday’ list. Now it’s clear that this can’t wait; these solutions are a must have to change the way you do business for the better. 

We could convince you that you need us, but the real question is: can you convince us that you don’t?

Digital documents

Let’s talk about your needs when it comes to all of your sales documents and touch points throughout the customer journey. We can all agree that the days of proposals, quotes, invoices, or renewals passing across someone’s desk are long gone. Now, it’s all about the inbox. Let’s double click into what your team needs to be successful when it comes to generating those digital documents. 

Consistent, flexible formatting

Your team needs to generate sales documents such as quotes, proposals, invoices, order forms, and renewals using on-brand templates and with up-to-date information. With a document generation solution, you’ll boost efficiency across the org when you remove the quest for the latest version, and your sales reps can proceed with confidence knowing all templates are standardized and brand approved. In conjunction with templates, you’ll still be able to achieve flexibility within your documents, with the option to include images or tables into your proposals as needed. 

Help sales reps save time

The ultimate goal is to speed up the sales cycle to meet revenue goals. To achieve that, you need to minimize the time your team is spending every day creating and customizing their documents. Using the standardized templates mentioned above and pulling data directly from Salesforce will take document generation time from hours to minutes, leaving your reps with more time to do their job: sell.

Deliver the right output to the right people

Oftentimes, a generic email will not suffice when distributing information to your customers, stakeholders, or even internal departments. They require more information. With Conga Composer, you can produce a variety of outputs, such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and PDF formats when generating and delivering documents or reports.

Achieve complete, seamless integration

You need a solution that seamlessly integrates with other immovable parts of your process. With document generation, leveraging Salesforce as your system of record is just the beginning. You can also integrate with eSignature providers and file storage systems like Box, Google Drive, AWS, and OneDrive to ensure all systems are talking to each other, streamlining the workflow.

So, do you need us?

If any of the needs listed above resonate with you, you’re not alone. There’s a reason our digital document solution, Conga Composer, has been more popular than ever. Today, Conga Composer is the one tool you can’t live without. We encourage you to learn more here

Contract management or eSignature needs?

It’s our goal to meet our customers where they are—whether at the beginning of their digital transformation journey, or somewhere in the middle—providing solutions to their immediate needs, big or small. Maybe your teams need legally-binding electronic signatures to close deals faster. Or perhaps you’re looking to solve the basic need of being able to quickly find and organize your contracts. We can help with those, too. Learn more here

Elise Rooney

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