How a contract solution integration & Valentine’s Day are alike


February 09, 2017

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Valentine’s Day is a pleasant interruption to the bitter cold days of winter (or drenching hot days, if you’re on the other side of the equator). Who doesn’t love picking out a special card for a special someone, or making a dinner reservation for two at the hot new bistro, or helping kids understand why those adorable candy hearts with messages on them really are meant to be seen and not actually eaten? (unless the child happens to enjoy the taste of chalk…)

But odds are if you’re reading this, you’re at work right now, and what you’re thinking of is how you can integrate a powerful contract lifecycle management solution with your other systems to ensure that you can get your work done better, feel less stressed out by the gnawing sensation that one of your contracts isn’t where it’s supposed to be in the process… or maybe there’s an expiration date you missed… or a clause that’s gone rogue and you need to lasso it and make sure it doesn’t do any damage.

So if you don’t have as much budget as you’d like to grow your team, you need a good solution that does that work for you. And finding that solution, and getting it fully integrated into your business—well, that’s a lot like finding a date for Valentine’s Day.

How’s that, you ask? You need to take a lot of the same first steps.

#1 Check ‘em out in every which way

Do a thorough vetting online. It’s not cyber-stalking if you don’t know them yet. Get to know options and capabilities of solutions to understand what’s out there.

#2 Play the field

You may need to kiss a few frogs before you find the right CLM that provides what you need. Yes, we, the makers of Conga Novatus, encourage you to do that! Just don’t commit to one of the others until you’ve had a chance to talk to us.

#3 Make a plan for commitment 

So you’ve fully explored your options and your CLM is selected. It’s a match made in heaven! You then need to pick a date, assemble your group, and come together for a romantic…. Integration.

Just as many great romances culminate in beautiful, well-orchestrated weddings, integrating your CLM solution with other software systems need a similar scale of planning. Download a complimentary whitepaper now to find out the best practices for executing a flawless integration.


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