“Continued Great Service -- and a laugh!”


June 15, 2017

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We were thrilled to get this recent 5-star AppExchange review from a Conga customer, titled “Continued Great Service -- and a laugh!”: [caption id="attachment_3170" align="alignright" width="387"] Rob visiting a customer -- while on vacation[/caption]

“You know those days, when nothing is working right and you are dreading chatting with tech support... Yeah, I had one of those days... until I actually reached Conga Tech Support and connected with Rob E. Not only did he efficiently diagnose a problem, the exchange left me laughing out loud. He completely wiped the stress of my issue (which was my issue - NOT Conga's) and my day!  Keep Rob E. Conga!!! I want him to answer my next tech support chat!”

At Conga, support isn’t just something we say we do well. We focus on providing truly great support, because no product can be great without it. After such a stellar review, we thought this was a perfect opportunity to profile Rob Easton, who after 4 years with Conga continues to provide great service – and a laugh.

1.) How long have you been with Conga, and what is your role? Do you focus on a particular product?

I have been with Conga for 4 years and I'm a Senior Business Analyst on the Customer Support team. My job is to help our customers learn to use the products in the best, most efficient way possible. I focus on Conga’s document generation products (Composer, Mailmerge) and ActionGrid.

2.) Why do you do what you do?

I like helping people. I was a social worker for 14 years, and some years back I found that I was kind of a techie guy, too. I decided to change career paths, and got a Master’s of Science in Information Systems.

3.) What makes your day?

The best is when a customer says “Wow!” I just absolutely love when a customer is delighted by the product.

4.) What’s the most challenging work experience you’ve ever had? Or one of the best or most satisfying?

In four years, I’ve run thousands of cases, so it's hard to find the most satisfying.
Dynamic template selection is one of my favorite things to do with customers because it allows them to use the logic they already know from Salesforce to select a template. It’s a satisfying solution because it doesn’t require a lot of human labor, and you can get 40 or 50 template choices in place easily.

5.) What are you most proud of in the work you've done at Conga?

I think the vast majority of customers, whether or not their problem is resolved, will sense that they were taken seriously and respected. I recently got a 5-star review from a customer on the AppExchange. It made my month.

6.) What do you do when you aren’t providing support to Conga customers?

Dad stuff, helping my wife with her computer. I mow the lawn every week, and spend time with friends.

7.) If you could let every customer know one thing about Conga, what would it be?

If you are using Salesforce, you should use Conga. Do it now. If you don’t believe me, book a demo.

8.) Anything else you’d like to add?

Go CSU Rams. My kids are the 4th generation to go to Colorado State University (CSU). I live in Ft. Collins and commute 55 miles a day to work.

To get in touch with Rob or any of our amazing support folks, visit Conga support.


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