Conga announces new features for Composer, ActionGrid & Novatus


April 04, 2017

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We’re excited to announce our April 2017 release, delivering new, customer-driven features across Conga’s product suite. Our new functionality is designed to help your business further benefit from the cost savings, increased efficiency and enhanced connections with customers that come from automation of data, documents and contracts. Highlights include the launch of ready-made Salesforce views in ActionGrid, and analytics and clause management access for all Novatus users. “To remain competitive, businesses today rely on automation and accurate data, which is why new features across our products focus on providing actionable insights, faster data updates, and more efficient automation,” said Doug Rybacki, Vice President of Product Management at Conga. “This latest release enhances our major products based on customer ideas and requests, like bulk import into Conga Novatus for faster and easier contract management, and ActionGrid Quick-Start Grids to address everyday challenges for Sales, Case Management, Executive Pipeline Management and Salesforce Administrators.” Some of the key updates incorporated in the April release include:

Conga Composer

  • Business and Enterprise editions now include live edit capabilities, allowing users to edit a Word document post merge but prior to distribution, providing even more flexibility for companies leveraging our document generation technology. This feature allows for rich, dynamic templates for even the most complex requirements.
  • Increased scalability doubles the volume of Conductor actions from 500 to 1,000 records in a single batch and doubles the number of Salesforce records that can be retrieved in a given document merge.
  • API capabilities allow users to retrieve templates from any non-Salesforce application, all without downloading the Conga application.

ActionGrid 1.62

  • The app’s new Quick-Start Grids are pre-built solutions that give customers quick insight and actionable views into Salesforce data.
  • Now view and edit child and parent data on a single grid for fast action on account data.
  • Enhanced summary reporting gives users even more visibility into their analytics.
  • Increased batch email size allows users to reach an unlimited number of people.
  • Export functions have increased accessible items from 10K to 1M for larger export or mass update capabilities, giving customers the flexibility needed to work with large amounts of data.

Conga Novatus 7.2

  • Beta customers can access new bulk import capabilities. Customers are able to import a spreadsheet with headers and metadata, eliminating the need to import piece by piece and making the process faster and easier than before.
  • Single-use dynamic forms are now available to expand the power of reporting and data organization, and e-signature package correction lets customers update the signer or placement of the signature automatically.
  • Finally, segmented document-level security adds another layer of security to specific document types within the same contract profile.
  • Analytics tools and clause management capabilities, announced in beta last December, have been fully released to all customers.



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