This year's State of Salesforce Report is here – and we’re giving thanks


October 04, 2017

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The results are in...

We could not be prouder to be included in this year’s Bluewolf The State of Salesforce report. More than just included. Conga is listed as one of only two top AppExchange partners. And the coolest thing about this is that Bluewolf didn’t choose us: you did. This year, Bluewolf polled Salesforce customers, asking them to name their top AppExchange partners. Conga was one of those, along with DocuSign. In the words of the State of Salesforce report, “The top two ranking solutions represent the speed and ease that comes with digital – progressing past paper-pushing and onto seamless, automated experiences for employees and customers alike.” Find the report here. We are thrilled because this honor means that our products are hitting the mark, automating manual processes, improving efficiency, and streamlining and simplifying business in a way that truly stands out to users across the Salesforce community.

3 top trends

The State of Salesforce report outlines 3 top trends to pay attention to:

1.) AI: The importance of AI – Artificial Intelligence – in CRM is growing, and is driving growth for many companies. The report shows that 38% of Salesforce customers expect to invest in AI within the next 12 months. 77% of those already using AI expect to increase their investment in AI in that time frame, speaking to the value of AI for those who are already using its capabilities. In order to take advantage of AI advances, companies need to have solid automation already in place to implement its capabilities. Conga’s solutions help organizations automate processes across departments and functions to keep up, even thrive, in this new environment. 2.) CX: Customer Experience is primary, requiring organizations to be ready to respond to “customer preferences for personalized, digital, anytime and anywhere engagement.” Being able to provide customers with the information they are seeking quickly and accurately is key. Conga automates many document-centered processes that enable organizations to provide this type of customer experience. Our solutions allow you to pull CRM data to create and send professional, accurate communications, such as strategic account plans, quotes, proposals, and report cards--with the push of button. The ability to provide an excellent customer experience accelerates customer acquisition. 3.) Data: Data is behind many decisions, with analytics creating insight and driving action. The Bluewolf report finds that “71% of organizations will increase their investment in making analytics actionable” in the coming 12 months. In order for data and the resulting analytics to be effective, data management has to be accurate, efficient, and easy – or data isn’t kept up to date. Data upkeep is straightforward with Conga’s solutions, so that your organization can get the results it is seeking from analytics.

The power of the AppExchange

The fact that our solutions help organizations prepare for and thrive in the face of these trends explains why Salesforce users selected us as one of two top AppExchange partners. As a Platinum ISV Partner, we also see the fact that Salesforce customers selected us for this award as a testament to the power of the AppExchange. The AppExchange is more than just a place where apps can be bought and sold. Beyond that, it is a collective marketplace where innovation happens through what Bluewolf calls a “virtuous cycle of best-in-breed app development.” The AppExchange is the hub of the Salesforce user journey, offering more than 3,000 apps that can customize and refine the functionality of any Salesforce org, no matter what your organization does. In the words of Bob DeSantis, Conga’s COO: “We’re proud of the community we’ve been able to build within the Salesforce ecosystem.” Download the full report now. Thanks, Bluewolf, and thanks to you, Salesforce users. We are truly honored to be chosen for this very short list.


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