Agents of change and the drive to do better: announcing Conga's first podcast

Amy Bartner

November 05, 2019
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An agent is a doer. A conduit and a leader. A superhero.

In many cases, the agent is the silent medium driving the important change in their world. They don’t do it for credit or notoriety. They do it to disrupt the status quo, for the sake of progress and innovation.

These agents of change all have different stories, but the one thing they all have in common is the drive to do better. 

We set out to learn more about the champions driving change to overcome the established, institutionalized norms in their respective industries, using technology to completely rethink the way they do business.

So we’re very excited to share the launch of our new podcast, Agents of Change, which showcases these hardworking people finding innovative ways to improve.

In our first episode, host Jason Gabbard has a frank conversation with Kristen Jensen from the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development.

The two talked about how Kristen’s degree in anthropology benefits her role with the state of Utah more than she could’ve ever imagined, how she’s using technology to, in part, boost the economy, and how she sometimes struggles in an “8-and-a-half-by-11 world.”

Kristen is one of six agents of change Jason will speak with in the first season, and we hope their stories raise questions, provoke some thought, and inspire you to think about how you might be able to turn possibility into reality.

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Agents of Change, a podcast by Conga

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Amy Bartner

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