2018 video wrap-up

Kelli Blystone

December 28, 2018

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As the Director of Education at Conga, Ryan Burke leads a team of talented and creative content writers and developers with a simple goal: provide Conga customers (you!) with the support and educational material that will drive success. This strategy includes writing technical documentation and release notes, creating eLearning courseware, and producing short, high-quality videos. As we prepare to wrap up 2018, we rounded up a sampling of our most helpful videos created throughout the year. Be sure to check out the other videos in the Conga Library – and keep an eye out for an all new video library coming in the New Year! Here’s to your success!

Conga Contracts - Word Plugin:

The Conga Contracts Microsoft Word Plugin allows you to stay in Microsoft Word while maintaining access to your library of pre-approved legal language. Watch the video for a brief look at the Word Plugin.

Conga Contracts - BI Toolbox:

The Conga Contracts Business Intelligence (BI) Toolbox helps surface meaningful insights from the data within your contracts system. View the video for an overview of the tool and steps to getting started.

Conga Sign - Write Back:

Leverage your document execution process to maintain accurate Salesforce data with Conga Sign's Write Back feature! Take a minute to watch this quick video for a brief look at the Write Back feature.

Conga Sign – Draw Your Signature:

Conga Sign gives you the flexibility to sign your documents, your way. This quick video provides a brief look at how you can draw your own signature with Conga Sign.

Kelli Blystone

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