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Conga’s October 2023 product launch webinars

We hosted a series of webinars so you can learn about Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud and what’s new from Conga's solutions. Register via the links below to access the recordings! 

Conga Contracts for Salesforce

Learn what’s new in Conga Contracts for Salesforce at our October product launch. Now you can quickly see obligations by contract and account to make sure they are promptly managed. New customers can get started with Conga Contracts for Salesforce faster - setting up workflows in as little as two hours.

Conga CLM

Hear about the latest enhancements to Conga CLM for Salesforce – all developed based on customer feedback.  Save valuable time with Office 365 real-time review, email notification enhancements, and an even better experience when sending contracts for signature.  

Conga Contracts

Our next generation of Conga Contracts, the new Conga CLM for Web, delivers improved user experience, stronger performance, and exciting new capabilities- all things you requested!  Join our October product launch webinar to see the progress.

Conga Contract Intelligence

Conga Contract Intelligence helps customers quickly see and understand what’s in their contracts. Now, you can do an even better job managing obligations and risk, while optimizing revenue. At our October product launch, learn how our artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) models deliver you superior results. 

Conga Document Automation

We are excited to officially launch Conga Composer and Conga Sign on our brand-new Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud. Whether you’re an existing Salesforce user or looking to expand your use of Conga in other ecosystems, our new web applications and APIs will enable you to work faster, automate and embed more processes, and solve your document generation and eSignature needs across your whole line of business. 

Conga Manage & Fulfill

Join us for the latest feature updates coming out in the October release for Conga Billing including invoice summary, draft usage reporting and split billing. Come learn more, see a demo and ask your questions.

Conga Propose & Quote

Whether you are on the Salesforce Platform or are looking to move to the Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud, we continue to add important features to help you grow your business.  Join us for the latest feature updates coming out in the October release of Conga CPQ.