New customer and admin resources

Are you new to Conga, one of our products, or are you a new Conga Admin? Sign up for our Onboarding sessions below! Our live onboarding sessions cover the resources you need to be successful with Conga, product demonstrations and training, and live Q&A. Have questions about these sessions? Email us.

Onboarding Sessions

Click below on the specific product/time (EST) that you want to sign up for! Sessions are happening every business day.

All times EST Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8 am Composer

Conga Sign

Conga Grid Composer
10 am   Conga CLM      
11 am

Conga Community Tour

  Conga Contracts

Conga Community Tour

12 pm Composer Composer Conga Sign Composer Conga Sign
1 pm Conga Community Tour


3 pm       Contracts for Salesforce   
5 pm   Conga CLM      
6 pm Conga Sign   Composer