Conga Courier

Send your Salesforce reports to anyone, automatically.

Get your business insights out of the dark.

Better insights call for better methods of communication. Courier can help. Extend Salesforce report delivery so you can automatically share critical business analytics with people inside and outside of your organization.

Salesforce report delivery, your way.
Go beyond the basics. Way beyond.

Reporting is one of the greatest benefits that Salesforce offers, giving you the power to mobilize the data in your system of record for business intelligence. With Courier, go beyond the multiple, manual steps required with standard report delivery to quickly share key information with anyone who needs it.

Automatically send an unlimited number of individual, custom-defined report emails. Send to people inside and outside of your organization, whether on different Salesforce orgs, or who don’t have Salesforce at all.

Share reports with up to 25 recipients per email, with the option to embed the report or send as an attachment.

Schedule a Salesforce report once and Courier will automatically take over, sending your recipients the information on the schedule you choose.

Choice. Control. Customization.

Schedule and deliver Salesforce reports the way you want. 

Specify your standard or custom Salesforce report, and select your recipients—individual users, contact roles, profiles, and groups, or use a Salesforce report to dynamically select recipients. 

Customize the email subject line, body text, “from” address, and format for the report (printable view, Excel, or CSV). 

Automatically deliver or email reports to your recipients, right on schedule. Send using any frequency—monthly, weekly, daily, hourly. Or use advanced options, like every first Monday, on the 21, or every six hours. We can all think of reports that call for that. And you can send an unlimited number of individual reports—no hourly limits. 

Pricing built for your company.

Courier pricing starts at $1 USD per report per month. 

See for yourself.

We’re happy to tell you all about our solutions and how they work. But sometimes seeing is believing. Check out our demo and see the power—and simplicity—of our Digital Document Transformation Suite.