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What’s Next: Navigating a successful Digital Transformation

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020
11:00 AM BST


    Create a strategy and digitally transform. 

    98% of companies have a Digital Transformation strategy in place, but only 43% of initiatives are successful. Why is that? As you plan for now, next and beyond, ask yourself, if you could start again what would you do differently?

    By attending this webinar you’ll:

    • Hear from experts such as makepositive and Conga customer Maintel about their experience in digital transformation
    • Track where your business is on our Maturity Model of Digital Transformation and gain concrete next steps to continue transforming your business and execute change in your organisation
    • Learn how the Maturity Model can help increase ROI from your existing products by identifying other use cases across your organisation
    • Simplify your quote to cash process
    • Hear from expert and Digital Transformation Officer, Ash Finnegan, on learnings from delivering a successful Digital Transformation project in her former company, Smart Focus
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