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Ask the Conga Success Team

Learn how to make the most out of Conga

The Conga success team - here to help!

Are you looking to take your Conga solution to the next level? Or to develop your best practice knowledge? Are you a new user and want to hear how other customers are using key features of Conga solutions? 

Join the Conga Customer Success webinars for a live session as they share best practices, tips and tricks and the top features used within the Conga Community.*

*Please note: technical questions requiring troubleshooting or more in-depth expertise are not suited to this forum. Please see the Conga Support site or see the Conga Community where you can chat with your peers, submit and check cases, and much, much more.  

Example questions: 

  1. I just implemented my first e-Signature solution and I'd love for you to check if I am integrating with Composer in the most efficient way. Am I following best practice?
  2. Which Conga solution would best suit my need to automatically send a document for signature when an opportunity is closed? 
  3. I'm trying to create a pre-tagged order form, where can I find useful guides, walk through or videos to help me? 
  4. I want to capture data from the customer and push it back into Salesforce, is this possible?