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Conga Composer Success webinar

Wednesday, 3rd June 2020

10:30AM - 11:00AM BST


Join the Conga Composer Success webinar featuring a live Q&A for current or future Conga users*. 

  • Learn how to use Conga Composer to take your customized documents to a new level, and why now is a better time than ever to start
  • Understand the top features of Composer and the many use cases you can find for it in your organization
  • Attend Q&A sessions to address all of your questions and get more ideas about how you can use this powerful solution


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*Please note: technical questions requiring troubleshooting or more in-depth expertise are not suited to this forum. Please see the Conga Support site or see the Conga Community where you can chat with your peers, submit and check cases, and much, much more.