Work orders

Maximize the efficiency of your service team

The hard work is done and the customer has signed on the dotted line. Here comes the fun part: getting paid. It goes without saying that the faster and more accurate your invoicing process, the faster revenue comes in. Today’s companies see invoicing as part of connected business processes and lean on technology to increase invoicing efficiency. 

Why use Conga Composer to create work orders?
Eliminate errors by creating detailed, accurate work orders
  • Automatically merge predefined data from standard or custom objects into your work order template.
  • Dynamically group data and line items specific to your order.
  • Generate documents via a single click, workflow rule, in batches, or as a scheduled solution to eliminate manual processes.
Respond to customers faster by instantly routing orders to the appropriate person or team
  • Predefine email recipient(s) based on business rules.
  • Attach a merged output file to a custom HTML email.
  • Log activities and assign follow-up tasks to users.
Never lose a work order again by automatically storing a copy
  • Store your files as attachments, Chatter posts or Content records in Salesforce®.
See for yourself.

Websites are full of words that tell you things. And that’s great. But sometimes you just need to see how stuff works. So we made a demo for those occasions. We’d love to show it to you.