Keep your sales team selling

Easily create sophisticated, consistent, and accurate quotes with Conga Composer® to increase sales efficiency. Retrieve data from standard and custom objects, use richly-formatted templates that are completely customized to your business, and predefine user choices to create a consistent quoting solution for an entire sales team. Powerful activity logging features allow you to keep a detailed record of created quotes. Even create customized HTML emails and attach your quotes for instant delivery.

Why use Conga Composer to create quotes?
Instantly create and send sophisticated quotes with a single button click
  • Predefine a template, email options, file attachment and activity logging behavior.
  • Automate quote creation and delivery.
  • Integrate with leading eSignature providers including DocuSign® and Adobe Sign®.
Easily present a fully customized quote with advanced formatting options
  • Exercise total control over data mapping and placement in a customized template.
  • Dynamically group standard or custom line items.
  • Logically show or hide content based on business rules.
  • Simultaneously merge data to a quote document and HTML email.
Eliminate quoting errors by automatically merging Salesforce® data into a secure format
  • Store and use standardized templates.
  • Optionally lock output to PDF.
  • Encrypt PDF output.
  • Enforce file naming conventions.
See for yourself.

Websites are full of words that tell you things. And that’s great. But sometimes you just need to see how stuff works. So we made a demo for those occasions. We’d love to show it to you.