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Business Use Case

Automated quotes that beat the competition.

Win more deals with automated quoting system that is quick, accurate, and trackable.

Send the right quote every time.

Your quote is the last document you send before your prospect agrees to buy and signs on the dotted line. It’s got to spell out what you will deliver and when, and how much it’s going to cost. Delays give space to the competition, and errors exact a heavy price because your quote is legally binding. Take out the guesswork with automated quoting. 

Streamline your quoting process, whatever you call it. 

Even if you call it:

  • Price/pricing quote

  • Quote/Pricing proposal

  • Statement of Work (SOW)

  • Estimate

  • Pricing bundles

  • Quote options

  • Sales quote

...it’s how you close your sale. It needs to get done quick and right, or you’ll end up in a world of trouble. 

Verbal quotes end in misunderstandings, and manual steps spell errors. If you offer a choice of multiple quotes, or several versions, you’ve got to manage that process and track it in your system of record. Conga can help automate and transform the whole process.

Transform your sales quotes
Get your quotes done right. Prove you’re ready.

Quotes are where the rubber hits the road. You aren’t pitching anymore, you’re making the deal. You have to follow a process, get approvals, and make your prospect happy, if you want them to eSign on the line. 

You can do all that with Conga. Plus, you’ll be able to integrate and automate with your CPQ solution, for a more efficient sales process. 

Crystal clear rules and approvals.

If quoting is ad hoc, approvals are loose, or terms and conditions aren’t clear, it spells trouble. Sooner or later you’re going to end up in a deal that’s risky or costs you.

Set up and automate crystal clear workflow rules and approvals with Conga, so you’ll know every box is checked before the quote is sent out.

Cut down manual steps and mistakes.

Your quote is a final stop before that prospect becomes your customer. Verbal quotes can give the wrong idea and errors cost you, plus they make for a lousy customer experience. 

Automate your quoting lifecycle with Conga Grid, Conga Collaborate, and Conga Sign. Cut out costly mistakes, create efficiency, and delight your customers.

Keep track easily.

Tracking quotes isn't always easy. You’ll change a quote or send more than one option, if a customer asks you to. It can get confusing, and your prospect won’t like it if you can’t track it.

Conga Composer, Collaborate, and Sign help manage multiple versions easily, syncing up Salesforce data so you can focus on your customer.

Automate quoting for faster deals and happier customers.

See for yourself.

We’re happy to tell you all about our solutions and how they work. But sometimes seeing is believing. Check out our managed trial and see the power—and simplicity—of our Digital Document Transformation Suite.