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Stay ahead of growth with workflow and document management solutions

Conga frees up your time to focus on innovation

Technology companies grow rapidly and must stay focused on innovation to keep ahead of the competition. There’s no room to waste time, money, and labor on slow processes. With Conga’s workflow management solutions to automate processes for tech companies, free up time to focus on business goals. 

Automate proposal creation

Templated, online documents are a game-changer for tech companies. With Conga Collaborate, your sales team can say goodbye to spending hours building proposals. Instead, generate and track documents in a fraction of the time. 

Coworkers discussing the benefits of Conga's Commerce Suite
Team members discussing contracts

Streamline complex quoting

Sales teams can easily and quickly send over correct quotes to land deals with Conga’s CPQ solution. It’s a piece of cake to put together even the most complicated pricing of products and packages with Conga.

Stay organized and compliant

You can’t create innovative technology if your business is moving at a snail’s pace, or is exposed to risk. Conga CLM empowers your organization to manage contracts effectively so you don’t waste more time on outdated contracting processes.


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