S3E6: Predictions: What Happens Next

19 min listen

It’s finally here, the end of Season 3 of Agents of Change. Over the course of this season we’ve discussed some of the biggest factors businesses face as they prepare for whatever happens next. On today’s episode, we’re wrapping up this season by asking several of our guests what that “next” could look like.

Sharing their insights are David Murphy, Chairman of Conga, Susie Hayman, Owner and Founder of In Your Business, Lori Ramas, a Systems and Social Media Specialist for Ask Relezant, Ash Finnegan, Digital Transformation Officer at Conga, Dr. Julie Hanks, Owner and Director of Wasatch Family Therapy, and Dan Hopkins, Senior Director of Applied AI at eightfold.

Takeaways From Season 3:

  • Focus On the People

"People are the heart of your organization. When you’re in the middle of a massive change, it’s easy to focus on the processes or technology. But without the people – your team, your customers, and your partners – your organization wouldn’t be what it is today, or what it could be tomorrow."

  • Technology is a Tool

"It’s simply a powerful tool, not a magic solution. And, like any tool, it’s impact is in how it’s used. So use it well." 

  • Be Prepared

"We can’t predict the future, but we can prepare for it. Focus on the fundamentals, put the right people in place, and be willing to change, and you’ll be ready for every possible tomorrow."