S3E3: Working from Home: What do we all really need?

39 min listen

What was your perception of working from home pre-COVID? For businesses, the prospect of working from home was often seen as impossible, for old and new companies alike.

Logistical concerns like efficiency, productivity, and security stood in the way. Being ready for a rapidly changing landscape means adapting to new situations previously thought impossible.In this episode, we’re debunking the misconceptions surrounding WFH while hearing new perspectives on why it was seemingly an insurmountable possibility.  

Joining the conversation on what the reality of working from is actually like is Richard Robinson, Principal Sales Engineer at Conga, Dr. Julie Hanks, Owner and Director of Wasatch Family Therapy, Susie Hayman, Owner and Founder of In Your Business, Lori Ramas, a Systems and Social Media Specialist for Ask Relezant. We also feature previous guests Nickki Gibeaut, Senior Salesforce Administrator, and Anokhee Mehta, Manager of Product and Pricing Systems at Ross Video.