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The Conga Suite Summer ‘21 release is now available

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Conga Team

For companies looking to streamline commercial operations, the Conga Commercial Operations Suite is the most complete solution in the market to transform essential business processes. Conga offers end-to-end digital transformation tools, and our product portfolio empowers organizations to implement solutions tailored to their needs. Companies can simplify and automate key processes, such as quotes, proposals, signatures, and contract lifecycle management, all while efficiently driving revenue and improving customer experience.  

As part of our commitment to our customers, we constantly work to create new features and improvements to our solutions. We’re excited to announce the changes coming with our Summer ‘21 release. Tailoring solutions to meet your specific business needs—from simplifying and automating quotes and contracts, to managing important documents—has just gotten easier.  

Our summer release is now live and fully available, with new features and improvements that will continue to streamline and transform the way you do business with the Conga Suite. On July 1st we held our Summer '21 release webinar and below is an overview of some of the key changes we've made to improve our product portfolio. For more information on every feature, please visit the Conga Documentation Portal. 


Contracts are crucial to every business, which is why having an end-to-end contract management solution helps improve customer and user experiences, increases visibility into the contract process, and speeds up sales cycle times. We’ve made some changes and improvements across our CLM solutions to continue to support every business’s contract management needs.  

Conga Contracts for Salesforce  

  • Speed up contract cycle times by easily swapping alternate clauses within an agreement with Conga’s online user interface, Online Contract Collaboration (OCC). 

Conga CLM 

  • Enhanced UX for Contract Activation: Improve user experience and team’s operational efficiency with Conga CLM’s new user interface, allowing you to activate, publish, and send out notifications to your stakeholders in one step. Now available on CLM Business and Enterprise editions. 
  • Online Contract Collaboration (OCC): Improved user experience, support for bullets and formatting, page breaks and pagination, and supports redlining capabilities for 3rd party documents, imported via XAC2.0. 
  • Smart Search: Smart Search on Conga CLM is a natural language-based search, combining data and text to search for concepts, expanding from keyword-only search capabilities. 

Conga Contracts 

  • Easily integrate Conga Contracts with enterprise systems using enhanced and robust REST APIs. 
  • Improve the signer experience with Conga Sign’s multiple documents feature.  

X-Author for Contracts 

  • Enhanced user experience and improved user interface within the XAC2.0 templating experience. 


Conga Commerce solutions transform the productivity of sales teams by making processes more efficient and streamlined. To continue to support increased productivity and better end-user experiences, we’re releasing updates that will help sales teams sell more effectively in less time.  

Conga CPQ 

  • Improved usability  
    • Quickly checkout through asynchronous finalize.  
    • More flexibility for viewing bundles on cart page and bundle expansion can be restricted to bundle and sub-bundle level views. 
    • Ability to provide termination details during cancellation flow. 
    • Optional products now adhere to minimum/maximum rules. 
    • Administration is easier through configurable tool tips, pricing data extensibility, and confirmation dialogs. 
  • Pricing Waterfall: Create different price waterfalls for distinct categories of products, provide adjustments to any price point, and have visibility into off-invoice discounts. 
  • Turbo Charged Digital Commerce: Improved performance for product discovery (catalog load, search, product details, etc.) and pricing calculations through new Turbo engines. 

Digital documents and automation 

Refining the end-to-end customer experience makes for more satisfied customers, while also speeding up your time to revenue. To provide more options to help create a seamless experience for your customers, we’ve made some improvements to our digital document and automation tools.  

Conga Composer 

  • Email integration with Amazon Simple Email Service (SES): Conga Composer’s email integration with SES expands options when sending documents to customers via email. 

Conga Courier 

  • End of Renewals and Sales: Conga has made the decision to begin our end-of-life process for our Courier product. By switching to Conga Composer plus Conga Batch, you can continue to automate your reports. 

Conga Orchestrate and Conga Contracts for Salesforce update 

  • Contracts-focused process definitions: Implementations can become complex and this update simplifies the testing and troubleshooting of your contracts-focused process definitions. 

Conga Grid 

  • Usage Reports: Gives leaders the ability to track how often each of their team members utilize Grid when in Salesforce. 

Conga Sign 

  • Multiple documents: Allow signers to send multiple documents in one single Conga Sign transaction.  
  • Ability to remove signer reassignment: Enables you to control if you want to allow your signers to reassign their signature requests to other people in their organization 
  • Sender email notification: Allows you to manage the level of email notifications sent to senders during the signing process. 

For a more in-depth look at the changes happening with the Conga Suite with the Summer ‘21 release, here are some additional resources:  

If you have further questions on the improvements and changes to the Conga Suite mentioned in the Summer ‘21 release, please reach out to our technical support team. 

Happy learning, streamlining, and automating! 


The Conga Team 

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