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Conga Orchestrate

Transform your business with easy, fluid Salesforce workflows.
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Looking to manage your business processes inside of Salesforce? How about visualizing human and automated work while tracking progress towards your goals? With Conga Orchestrate, you can create, visualize, and execute processes all inside of Salesforce. 

Lee is a sales operations manager who needs to streamline his company's sales process and give insight and visibility to the right parties as steps take place. Lee begins by outlining the activity and criteria Orchestrate will look for in order to kick off the workflow. Many different types of Salesforce objects can be used to launch Orchestrate processes. In this case, Lee is using an opportunity, since that is where his sales team inputs their data. 

Next, Lee will build out the sales process visually, by creating and designing steps. He will assign steps to appropriate parties, like BDRs and account executives, and create automated steps such as a record or field update. Orchestrate has many step types that Lee will use to complete this workflow. From creating and updating records, to generating sales orders and contracts, he can trust that every step is being completed every time. 

Lee can also add checklists and approvals to some steps to timestamp completion and give the correct parties insight as work is getting done. He also needs some steps to be completed together before the process can continue. So he will create a stage to ensure that this group of necessary items are done before moving on. Now that the workflow is automated, Lee can use data to help him optimize and refine this workflow and even predict future workloads and output. 

Want even more efficiency? Conga Orchestrate seamlessly integrates with other Conga products, allowing you to leverage the power of Conga's Digital Document Transformation Suite to drive your business and generate revenue. 

Streamline and automate your Salesforce workflows with Conga Orchestrate. 

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