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Conga Collaborate

Collaboration, pure and simple.
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Is tracking and updating your documents a struggle? Do you need a fast and simple way to create and send digital documents? With Conga Collaborate, build beautifully branded and accurately formatted documents in a snap, and easily send them for eSignature, and store them in the cloud.

Carly is a sales operations manager who needs to enable her sales team to deliver documents that stay on brand and include the right data. She also needs to make sure the process is simple and fast so the sales reps adopt this new behavior. To start, she will set up templates, workflows, and approvals so that users can create documents faster. She needs to pull in data from a CRM and can use Collaborate to automate this process. This ensures that documents are accurate and up to date every time. Carly can also lock down the content she doesn't want users to edit, while giving them powerful customization when they need it. She can also create a content library with all the necessary tools for her sales reps to create stunning and accurately branded documents. If any content changes, she can make an update in the library and all users will instantly have access to the new content.

Carly's sales team will be able to share documents securely and in real time. They can work with peers from within the company or consult with outside resources and prospects for a truly collaborative experience. Carly particularly likes that her users are able to create multiple versions of a document as changes are made and a full history of all versions is automatically saved. Plus, documents are easy to find and kept safe in a central secure cloud repository.

Document recipients can take action with interactive buttons that allow them to accept, sign, and more. Carly and the team can easily deliver digital documents for eSignature and store them securely in the cloud. If any customers need to download a document, it's no problem. Collaborate allows the team to capture documents as PDF files when necessary. Best of all, Carly will always know the status of documents with real time notifications and in-depth analytics that show who is viewing documents. She can see what content interests customers most and the sales team can follow up at the right time and personalize sales conversations.

Want even more efficiency? Conga Collaborate seamlessly integrates with other Conga products, allowing you to leverage the power of Conga's Digital Document Transformation Suite to drive your business and generate revenue. Unleash the power of digital documents with Conga Collaborate.

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