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Conga AI Analyze

Build intelligence into your documents and contracts.
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Are you a contract professional drowning in paper? Looking for a way to discover and capture the data from within all of your contracts without having to manually key in each data point? Let Conga AI Analyze do all the heavy lifting.

Conga AI Analyze uses machine learning and an advanced rules engine to unlock the data that lives in your documents, surfacing meaningful dates and clauses that you can review before automatically saving to your contract lifecycle management system. 

Let's take a look from Julie's point of view. Julie is a contract manager tasked with identifying key data points in a third party NDA to ensure the contract aligns with her company's policies. Traditionally, Julie would be tasked with manually reviewing the entire document to locate a handful of specific clauses as well as key data points. And then, she would manually enter key data into their organization's system of record, in her case, Salesforce. 
With Conga AI Analyze, Julie can simply upload a copy of the contract and click analyze. In seconds, the contract analyzer scans the entire document, important clauses are identified, and Julie can jump to relevant sections in the document using the navigation tree. To improve the analyzer’s accuracy, Julie can also teach the system by correcting the data that was missidentified or by assigning meaning to unrecognized data.  Over time, these actions shape what the analyzer will recognize, saving Julie time by training the system to automatically detect the exact types of information that are important to Julie’s organization. 

Once Julie reviews the components she cares about and ensures the data is accurate, she syncs this information back into Salesforce. Clauses are added directly to the Conga Contracts for Salesforce Clause Library and key data is populated into respective fields, saving time, reducing errors, and providing structured data to support business decisions across the organization. 

Realize the benefits of artificial intelligence in your day to day work with Conga AI Analyze. 

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