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Novatus Releases Upgrade v5.2 with Value-added Enhancements

March 13, 2015

Novatus, a leading provider of contract lifecycle management solutions, has installed Upgrade and Enhancement Release v5.2. This release features brand new functionalities in Scorecarding and direct editing of Microsoft Word documents, plus several enhancements that make use of the system more flexible and efficient for dynamic business operations.

Scorecarding allows users the ability to create and define metrics within a set of parameters for measuring companies, contracts, and projects within the Novatus system based on specific business needs. Each scorecard contains user-defined weighted sections and metrics that can be ranked and responded to by individuals to obtain an overall score that strategic business decisions can be made from.

"Our customers asked for Scorecarding because it is essential for smart decision-making," said Novatus CEO Bob Gambotz. "Our customers now have the ability to measure any number of metrics such as customer service (answer rates, resolutions, etc.), billing (accuracy, timeliness, delinquency), shipping (defect rates, returns, timeliness) and much more depending on the needs of the business and what kinds of data they want to rank and collect."

Also with release v5.2, users can now open a Microsoft Word document in the Novatus system and edit the document. When the user saves the document, it is automatically uploaded back to the system and saved as the next revision to the document. Additionally, Novatus now supports the generation of MS Word documents that contain macros.

“When it came to founding Novatus, my associates and I wanted to build a business that not only produced the most technologically advanced systems, but was built on the premise that our clients and their needs were pivotal for success,” Gambotz explained. "Each release we do is a result of a suggestion and voting system in place by our User Advisory Council. Our customers and their experience with the system is essential in our product development."

All upgrades and enhancements are installed automatically, ensuring that all customers are on the same version of the solution and have the latest functionality available. Novatus maintains a consistent development schedule, delivering three quality upgrades to their solution annually. The next two upgrades are scheduled for July 4 and November 7, 2015.

To learn more about Novatus or request a demo, contact us at 877.745.3070 or email info(at)novatuscontracts(dot)com.

About Novatus, Inc.

Novatus, Inc. was founded in 2008 by well-respected and globally recognized contract and supply chain industry leaders and pioneers in the contract lifecycle management (CLM) industry. The Novatus team is passionate about providing results-oriented contract, compliance and supplier management web-based software solutions and unrivaled customer support resulting in measurable, positive business results for their clients. Novatus has a compelling and scalable business solution for companies of every size and today being used by thousands of Global 1000 users to manage diverse purchase, sales and partner agreements. For more information, visit or call 877.745.3070. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook , Google+ and LinkedIn.