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Novatus Releases Upgrade v5.0 with Value-add Enhancements

June 29, 2014

Novatus, a leading provider of contract lifecycle management solutions, has announced the release of Upgrade v5.0, their second release this year. Included in this release are enhancements to Sales Connect, the launch of Self-Service Requests and a pilot of Advanced Reporting. All upgrades and enhancements are included and done automatically, ensuring that all customers are on the same version of the solution and have the latest functionality available.

Key components of the latest release include:

  • Sales Connect Enhancements: customers who have multiple instances of Salesforce can now connect them into a single cohesive database in the Novatus system. This allows for enterprise-wide searching and reporting across all contracts.
  • Self-Service Request: allows users to auto-create documents by selecting an approved template to create either a contract or company in the Novatus system. The document is automatically created through a Creation Wizard and returned to the requester.
  • Advanced Reporting: this tool will allow users to create reports from different data sets through a search query and is the foundation for supporting paginated forms, sub-reporting, and convergence to a single report. Users will be able to change the format of their report, move fields around and from multiple groupings and change headers. Advanced Reporting will give users full control over the design of their reports.

“Customers told us they wanted to report across the enterprise and we have met their demands with this enhancement,” Novatus CEO Bob Gambotz explained. “Because it sits outside of Salesforce, organizations that have multiple divisions and subsidiaries each using unique Salesforce platforms now have a full customer view of all contracts through the Novatus system and Sales Connect.”

Novatus maintains a consistent development schedule, delivering three quality upgrades to their solution annually. This upgrade is the second one this year.

To learn more about Novatus or request a demo, contact us at 877.745.3070 or email info(at)novatuscontracts(dot)com.

About Novatus, Inc.

Novatus, Inc. was founded in 2008 by well-respected and globally recognized contract and supply chain industry leaders and pioneers in the contract lifecycle management (CLM) industry. The Novatus team is passionate about providing results-oriented contract, compliance and supplier management web-based software solutions and unrivaled customer support resulting in measurable, positive business results for their clients. Novatus has a compelling and scalable business solution for companies of every size and today being used by thousands of Global 1000 users to manage diverse purchase, sales and partner agreements. For more information, visit or call 877.745.3070. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook , Google+ and LinkedIn.