Press Release

Novatus Contract Management (NCM) Announces New Complete, Secure, & Dynamic Contract Negotiation in the Cloud for Fortune 1000 Companies

April 08, 2013

Novatus, a leading provider of Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions, announces the first secure negotiation portal in the cloud. “Customers told us lengthy contract negotiation cycles were costing time and money, and they were looking for a way to shorten the process. Novatus is already providing contract management in the cloud, so we are leveraging the technology to expedite negotiations and execution,” said Bob Gambotz, CEO of Novatus.

The Novatus contract management negotiation portal provides a single location to review, negotiate, exchange and sign documents. Customers can meet securely in the cloud to review the document, and as soon as both parties are in agreement it can immediately be signed electronically, and a fully executed version can be downloaded by both parties - no more printing, signing, scanning and emailing of documents, and no more sending packages overnight for signature!

The Novatus contract management portal shortens negotiation cycles from months to days, representing a significant savings in both time and money to customers. As a leading provider of cloud-based technology, Novatus listened to customers’ concerns about exchanging confidential information via unsecure email. “Putting critical contracts and contract-related documents at risk represents a compliance breach for many of our customers. The negotiation portal is just another way Novatus continues to deliver innovative solutions to the contract management space,” said Gambotz.

About Novatus: Novatus is a leading provider of cloud-based contract management solutions. The Novatus contract management solution is utilized by companies around the world to gain control of contracts and visibility across agreements. Customers report increased efficiency in contract administration, reduction in risk, and productivity gains by using the Novatus contract management system. For more information, please visit