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Today, more businesses than ever are relying on digital tools to keep their business organized. Surprisingly, some companies still persist with using ink signatures to sign off on important business moves, adding to a paper trail that’s hard to manage and time-consuming to organize. Electronic signature services are game-changers for practically any business, as they allow anyone to create and send contractual documents to be digitally signed by a recipient. This helps businesses move faster, as they receive legally binding signatures quickly and immediately move forward.

Sign up for a free trial of Conga Sign to experience how it transforms and streamlines your organization. When DocuSign isn’t cutting it for your company, Conga Sign is the way to level-up in how you conduct business. Get in touch with Conga today, or get a custom pricing quote for your company’s specific needs. When you need a DocuSign alternative, Conga Sign gets your signatures signed, sealed, and delivered sooner. 

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What Is DocuSign? 

DocuSign is a well-known eSignature company providing introductory signing options. However, there are more robust DocuSign alternatives available that create a more comprehensive experience. Additionally, DocuSign costs more per user than some alternatives and those fees quickly add up if the service is being used by a large company. 

What to Look For in DocuSign alternatives

Many DocuSign competitors out there offer lower fees and convenient features most customers are looking for in electronic signature services, such as:

  • Ease of use for customers and signees
  • Thorough archiving and document organization
  • Access to templates 
  • Custom document branding 

Benefits of Conga Sign: as a DocuSign competitor, Conga Sign offers complete eSignature services and more.

  • Easy to useThe Conga Sign system is straightforward and intuitive, making it easy to use for employees as well as clients. 
  • Streamline organizationWith all documentation safely stored in one convenient place, employees can easily access and share specific files. 
  • Customer experience : Conga Sign allows employees to quickly and securely get documents to clients for approval and signatures. It’s a more efficient and easy process for your customers.
  • Secure informationAlthough documents are electronically transferred back and forth between employees and clients, the Conga Sign system is secure, tamper-proof, and legally binding. You can trust that your documents — and signatures — are completely safe under this system. 
  • Templated and personalized: Conga Sign stands out from other DocuSign competitors because it offers templates for standard projects, as well as personalized options that perfectly fit client needs. 
  • Flexible signing: Get your documents signed from virtually anywhere, on any device. Conga Sign makes it easy to get a signature in-person or remotely when clients simply draw on the screen or type their name out. Our options are flexible and fast, to keep your business moving. 
  • Custom pricing: Never pay for services you don’t use! Conga offers custom pricing for Conga Sign and all other Conga Suite products to ensure you only pay for what you need. 
  • The Conga suite: Conga offers a variety of additional services that work in conjunction with Conga Sign to further streamline your business and keep everything running smoothly. Learn more about Conga Composer, Conga Contracts, and Conga AI Analyze today. 


Conga Sign: the ultimate DocuSign alternative

Where DocuSign offers simple eSignature service, Conga Sign takes it a step further by securing information, streamlining processes, and creating an intuitive experience for employees and clients alike.