Press Release

A ‘How to’ series on Conga Composer

September 18, 2014

I recently finished a project involving Conga Composer, which is a tool that was new to me.  I dived into it and learned that it can be a very useful tool for automating the regular creation of documents from structured information within Salesforce.For example: marketing people running reports on Campaign successes; or [as in my case here] sales people who need to build sales quotations, renewal letters and contracts pulling information from the Account, Contact, Opportunity and Product objects, etc. Conga Composer is a tool that enables Salesforce customers to easily create and deliver documents from within Salesforce by populating templates with data from any standard or custom object in Salesforce.  If you’re finding yourself manually building the same documents on a regular basis – grabbing/adding information from Salesforce fields and copying that information in your documents … then you should definitely take a look at Conga.