Press Release

Google launches Slides API with third-party integrations from Trello, Conga, Zapier, more

November 10, 2016

Google Inc. earlier this year introduced the Google Slides application programming interface, which allows developers to integrate their third-party tools and then create and update presentations in Slides.

The company has now announced the general availability of the Google Slides API. “Now, your teams can use a number of ready-to-go integrations to turn your business data into presentations, with just a click,” said Vishnu Sivaji, Google G Suite product manager in a blog post.

Here’s a look at four tools using the Google Slides API, including Trello, Conga, Lucidchart and Zapier:

Project updates with Trello and Slides

With its Slides API integration, it is now possible to turn any of your Trello boards or a set of cards into a Slides presentation (pictured).

To create a Slides presentation you will first need to enable the Google Drive Power-Up. Open the Trello board that you want to create into a Slides presentation > click “Show Menu” > Power-Ups > scroll down to Google Drive and click Enable.

Now that the Google Drive Power-Up is enabled you will see a new Google Drive button at the top of your board. Click theGoogle Drive button > Create Presentation > once complete, click Open Presentation. A new tab will open yourpresentation in Google Slides.

In the Slides presentation, there will be a slide for the board name, each list’s name and every card on the board. Google Slides created from cards will include the card’s name, description and cover image.

Quarterly business review with Conga and Slides

With Google Slides and integration, Conga has launched a quarterly business review presentation prototype. THE QBR prototype allows users to create a Slides presentation using their standard Salesforce Account record. The merged slide deck will appear in the user’s Google Drive account where they can collaborate on the presentation.

To get access to the QBR prototype you will need to be a Conga Composer customer. During the prototype phase, which will take place over the next six months, it will be free and Conga will continue to enhance the customizability.

Diagrams and visuals with Lucidchart and Slides

Lucidchart, a competitor to Microsoft Corp.’s Visio, allows you to easily create diagrams and visuals. With Slides API integration your Lucidchart diagrams, flowcharts and mockups can be exported to Google Slides where each slide can explain a different part of the diagram.

Automate business flows with Zapier and Slides

Zapier Inc. allows you to connect various apps, including Gmail, Slack, Trello and Asana, and create and automate business workflows. Using the Slides API integration and with some workflow rules, you create, collaborate and share presentations.

To automate Google Slides with Zapier you will need a Google Slides and Zapier account. Zapier has various pre-made Google Slides integrations, including the ability to customize Slides with new information from emails; post new Slides to a Slack channel; refresh charts on Slides when rows are updated on Google Sheets and more.

You can also build your own custom workflows.

Google is also working with other software vendors, including ProsperWorks, AODocs and Form Publisher, to offer users other app integrations.