Dreamforce 2019: Q2C Accelerator for High Tech Companies

November 20th 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Innovation by makepositive and Conga Quote to Cash Accelerator on Salesforce

Join us at the ThirstyBear where we will discuss how to deliver successful end to end Salesforce projects with lower risk and reduced costs.

Learn more about the makepositive Quote to Cash Accelerator that enables customers to deploy Salesforce together with Conga to deliver a seamless customer experience that is 30-40% faster than traditional implementations.

Hear how the quote to cash accelerator will deliver an enhanced customer experience to sales and finance all on a single platform. Receive a holistic view of the customer, driving best in class capabilities across the Salesforce.com suite, impacting your business outcome by a quicker time to value and higher return on investment.

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Meet us on floor two of the ThirstyBear in meeting rooms 6 and 7!