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Enhancing higher education through Digital Document Transformation

Distinguish your university.

Stellar academics will always be critical to university reputations. But top-notch curriculum isn't enough to set universities apart anymore. Prospective students expect a seamless experience, from the moment they submit their application to the day they graduate. More and more often, universities are working with new technologies to deliver this experience. Conga has been instrumental in helping more than 185 higher ed institutions digitally transform to meet new expectations.

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  • create intelligent documents to reduce human error and uncover new insights

  • use student, faculty, and alumni data to improve communications

  • keep your campus connected with the latest technologies

  • create a holistic Digital Transformation plan for your institution

Leverage the benefits of Digital Transformation to stay ahead of the curve.

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Implementing Conga Composer and Conductor has been more than just a time saver for our University. It has freed up valuable office space once occupied by files, the electronic application process puts our best foot forward as a technically advanced university in a crowded and competitive field looking to attract the best students, and it has increased the ease of collaboration between faculty members.

Stephen Boro
Temple University
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With Conga Composer, we push a button and get all of the information we need out of Salesforce immediately. All our staff members can now analyze the key metrics in real time and can take critical action steps immediately, without waiting for someone else to generate the reports.

Susan Spock
Higher Education Webinar

How is Digital Transformation changing the student experience?

Digital Transformation is allowing universities to make great strides in connecting with students at every phase of the student lifecyle — from the day they accept admission to graduation, and into the future as valued alum. This transformation helps universities offer the technologically advanced experience their student population expects, as well as maintain a consistent brand across departments.

Watch this webinar to learn how Conga is helping 185 educational institutions digitally transform their student enrollment management systems and update their document processes.