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November 04, 2016

Enovate Medical Saves 98% More Time with Conga Composer Enovate Medical creates customizable computer carts and all-in-one mobile computing solutions for healthcare facilities. For work orders and documentation, they sought a solution to make it easy for employees to organize communications to customers in Salesforce. After spending hours each week with the field service tech team aggregating case details into spreadsheets and then sending those documents to customers for approvals, Enovate Medical collaborated with Conga to expedite the process. Conga Composer aggregates all of the case details together and presents customers with a nice, formalized document. Enovate Medical’s customer documentation process went from taking hours to taking minutes, a 98% time savings. Now, it’s just a few button clicks while they’re with the customer. They sign the document, it’s reinserted back into the case in Salesforce, and it’s all done in minutes. “Conga is well worth every penny you spend, because if you try to reinvent the wheel, you’ll spend far more time and resources trying to do what Conga does.” Joey Len SALESFORCE ADMIN, ENOVATE MEDICAL