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Stan Johnson Company

Stan Johnson Company creates Net Lease Supply Index with Conga.

In net lease, deal pricing is based on a number of variables from similar transactions in the market, called “comps.” The executive team of Stan Johnson Company, a real estate investment company, was looking for a faster, more cost-effective method for brokers to access up-to-date real estate comps. Using Conga Conga Grid and Conga Composer, the Salesforce® admin team created an efficient, powerful Net Lease Supply Index for brokers, enabling Stan Johnson Company to eliminate slow manual data retrieval processes, automate views and enhance the customer experience.


At Stan Johnson Company, obtaining comps for their clients was a chore. To access comps for a given transaction, individual brokers had to send a request to a wholesale research department that would collect transactions through third-party databases. The information was then sent to the marketing department for formatting and layout, before being sent out to the client.

The process was slow, taking 3 to 5 days, and expensive. Brokers paid per hour for research and marketing services to create polished marketing materials for the client. The company received quotes to custom develop the Net Lease Supply Index at costs exceeding $55,000.


The Salesforce admin team started looking for a ready-made solution that would be more cost effective than the custom development project. Will Crowley, the Salesforce systems manager, was impressed with the positive reviews of Conga Grid on the AppExchange. The tool was user-friendly and gave C the ability to deploy the tables needed without custom development work. When he discovered that Conga Grid also was owned by Conga, he was “thrilled” because he knew it would integrate well with their existing Conga Composer implementation.

“A very responsive engineer even helped us get everything set up, before we purchased the product. He actually built some things out in our sandbox to show the value Conga Grid would add with a targeted demo. We have a difficult procurement approval process, and that extra time and effort really made a huge difference,” said Crowley.

Using Conga Grid, Crowley built a customized comps search interface that provides real-time data to brokers. With Conga Grid, data can be sorted and filtered by property type and value, as well as many other factors, then exported with a single button-click into a Composer template that is sent directly to the client via email attachment.


  • Accelerated the creation of custom marketing materials, enabling reallocation of team resources
  • Realized significant ROI, finding multiple use cases across departments
  • Produced concrete cost savings

Using Conga Grid, Crowley and his team were able to roll out an entire interface that transforms the way the brokers do their work. Brokers now can see up-to-the-minute real estate data, saving valuable time. They create reports of comparable properties, export them to a formatted template, and send them to clients on their own—without the 3 to 5 day wait and expenses for research and marketing services. In just a few clicks, brokers can show their clients what’s currently on the market.

User adoption has exceeded expectation, with 70 out of 85 brokers using the interface consistently, several times a month–a significantly higher user adoption rate than any other tool the IT team has rolled out.

This solution combining Conga Grid and Composer has helped free resources to do other, more strategic tasks. The research staff now spends most of its time gathering original data and updating the comps interface, rather than relying on third-party databases, and the marketing team is also able to redirect to other marketing activities, rather than manually preparing custom documents.

Since implementing Conga Grid, Stan Johnson Company continues to find more uses for the tool across the organization. In recent months, it has been used to roll out an applicant tracking system for the recruiting team, display valuable buyer information on deal records, and serve as the primary platform for user interface development.

Conga Composer as a complement to Conga Grid has also been instrumental in the productivity gains. Previously, regional sales directors had to pull sales reports manually (Opportunity and Deal pipelines, call activity), spending 20+ minutes per team for 48 teams—every month. Crowley and his team aggregated all information into a single, templated report with Composer. The time to collate information for a sales team has dropped from 20+ minutes of manual effort to seconds and transformed how sales directors manage their teams with new data that they didn’t have access to before.

“We’re finding a lot of different business processes and problems that we’re able to enhance or solve with Conga technology,” said Crowley. “Using Conga Grid and Composer, Stan Johnson Company is increasing our productivity, cutting costs and helping our brokers provide an exceptional experience for their clients.”

“Using Conga Grid and Conga Composer, Stan Johnson Company is increasing our productivity, cutting costs and helping our brokers provide an exceptional experience for their clients.”
Will Crowley | Manager, Information Systems

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