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Customer Story

Picture Marketing

Picture Marketing saves $50,000 annually by automating shipment status reports.



Picture Marketing’s FotoZap Camera is used by marketers to drive event attendees to branded websites and collect leads. Customer fulfillment requests were manually filled in by customers, faxed and re-keyed into Salesforce®. Due to an exploding sales volume, the fulfillment process had to be made highly scalable.


Picture Marketing® implemented Salesforce Customer Portal® to accept fulfillment information requests online and also implemented Conga Composer® to generate nicely formatted customer status reports from custom object data in the portal. Now with one click on a customer record, Composer merges customer data, event and ship dates, FedEx tracking numbers, and other data into a Word® doc, attaches it to an email, logs the activity in Salesforce and emails the status report to the customer.


  • Picture Marketing has a highly scalable process for fulfilling customer requests for their event marketing system
  • Avoided hiring a Full Time Equivalent to manually report shipment status
  • Increases customer satisfaction and positions the company as highly efficient

“Conga Composer pulls custom fields from everywhere in Salesforce into a nicely formatted Word doc. The process is so efficient we can keep scaling our business.”

Tim Hoyt | Chief Technology Officer

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