With just one button, United Capital generate client profiles and automates document creation

Conga Composer unleashes key client data for United Capital Financial Advisers.
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United Capital® has made Salesforce® its central repository for confidential data about the complete financial picture of its thousands of customers. However, producing customer facing reports reflecting the full breadth of the data required significant manual effort and re-keying.


Conga Composer® lets United Capital users press one button to print pre-formatted client profiles, advise agreements and meeting prep documents that pull data from every object in their highly customized application. Each new customer report is a simple Word® document produced without programming, yet fully integrated with any data available in Salesforce.


  • Automated advise agreements save 25% of a Full Time Equivalent annually
  • Any user can produce mailings for their purposes; no need to manage mailing templates centrally. Process latency is eliminated
  • United Capital also automated meeting prep documents and mail merge letters

“We needed to select merge templates from a user’s PC, not Salesforce. I called Conga, and the next day it was in the product. That’s when I knew we’d partnered with the right company. I’ve never worked with a better company. Conga, I wish I could give you higher than 5 out of 5.”

Brandon Gage
SVP Information Technology
United Capital

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