With Conga Composer, IronLinx is now able to batch print all its lists with the push of a button

IronLinx saves $50,000 annually by creating packing lists with Conga.
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Order fulfillment and distribution service IronLinx™ processes 50,000 orders annually through Salesforce®. Employees used to manually print an individual packing list for each order from a heavily customized cases object.


IronLinx implemented Conga Composer® (including Conga Mail Merge®) in 2 hours. Now an admin presses one button daily on any given account to batch print packing lists for all pending orders for that account.


  • Redeployed one fulfillment coordinator who managed the packing list process
  • 500 individual packing lists per day are now consolidated into 30 batches
  • Customers appreciate the reliable reporting process that gives them visibility to IronLinx’s activities

Additional use case: IronLinx also uses Conga Courier® to automatically send customers weekly reports on fulfillment activities via email

“The ability to batch create our packing lists to customer-specific Word templates was huge. We went from 500 separate reports a day less than 30. And the Conga team helped me implement it in 2 hours.”

Scott Danby

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