InteliSecure saw a 'pretty massive improvement in productivity' with Conga

InteliSecure simplifies and speeds up sales proposals by 75% with Conga Collaborate.
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In the business of managing data security for over 15 years, InteliSecure provides protection for sensitive information for customers around the world. Offering specialized services at a lower cost for companies of all sizes, InteliSecure helps customers avoid security breaches and maintain compliance with regulations. While InteliSecure traditionally worked with enterprises, the company found a need for an out-of-the-box cloud solution to help mid-market companies achieve compliance. In order to bring this solution to the market, InteliSecure had to streamline sales proposals to allow for quicker turnaround times, standard terms-of-service agreements, and collaborative creation of fundamental onboarding documentation.  


InteliSecure needed to streamline and simplify their process for providing quotes and scopes of work (SOWs) for sales deals. While the company excelled in the use of security technology, its employees had fallen behind in using productivity technology, such as Salesforce, to improve operations. Many of their document processes were dated, leaving employees to create and edit new documents manually. The process was slow, exposed their digital documents to many errors, and was bad for productivity. 

In the past, solutions engineers used a Microsoft Word template to prepare InteliSecure SOWs. The original template was over 120 pages long and included every service that InteliSecure offered. To create a new SOW, the sales engineer would go through the template and manually delete any information that wasn’t pertinent to the new SOW, then edit the remaining portions to customize them for the new customer. The process was extremely time-consuming, taking multiple hours per agreement. This bottleneck was laborious for the solutions engineers. 

The lengthy turnaround time for SOWs was a significant impediment to the productivity of the company as a whole, from the sales team onward. As InteliSecure moved to introduce a new, scalable, hosted cloud-based offering to mid-market customers, the company needed to focus even more on addressing the inefficiencies in the sales process. The new product was meant to be easier to implement out-of-the-box for faster results, meaning that it had to be quicker and easier to buy, as well. To speed up the process, InteliSecure’s employees needed a solution that could speed up proposals even more when providing quotes and SOWs for sales deals. 


InteliSecure decided to use Conga Collaborate from the Digital Document Transformation Suite to dynamically create SOWs, drawing accurate account and product data directly from Salesforce. Now, InteliSecure’s solution engineers all use Collaborate to create and edit sales documents in a fraction of the time it took before. The InteliSecure team uses Collaborate to export these documents into Microsoft Word in case a customer’s legal team wants to redline in that format, otherwise documents can be sent to a client for collaboration or an electronic signature. 

InteliSecure’s goal is to deploy Conga Collaborate post-sales, too. Employees work directly with a new customer to generate and work through a set of fundamental reference documents that define a complex onboarding process.  Collaborate allows InteliSecure to work with their clients to build these documents cooperatively, while maintaining version control throughout the process. 

Collaborate lets us have a standard template that sucks in all the data from Salesforce, and then send for an electronic signature, and bang! It’s that easy.

Ed Powers
Vice President of Client Success and Marketing


Thanks to Conga Collaborate, the solutions engineers were able to cut the time needed to create a new SOW by 75%. The new template provides a quick, easy way to create a customized SOW with the correct information about the needed InteliSecure services. While creating the SOW, solutions engineers can select the right product from Salesforce, which triggers document assembly. The process automatically pulls the necessary information into the template, which can then be tailored, if necessary.  “Collaborate created a pretty massive improvement in productivity, which was very welcome,” said Ed Powers, Vice President of Client Success and Marketing.

The company has also standardized sales contract templates to support a mid-market, standardized purchasing process. This has allowed InteliSecure to fulfill customer expectations for quick, efficient purchase, delivery, and deployment, even with solutions for complex organizational needs like compliance. 

Version control is no longer a stumbling block. InteliSecure teams can better manage redlines of both critical onboarding documents and purchase agreements, and work collaboratively with customers to establish critical parameters through the onboarding process.

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