CollegeTracks reduces report generation time by 80%

CollegeTracks changes lives and communities by giving Montgomery County’s low-income and first-generation-to-college students the chance to go to colleges where they can succeed — with enough financial aid and continuing support to help them attain the degrees they seek.


Using 400+ custom and standard Salesforce® fields, CollegeTracks is a data-driven organization that relies on summary reports generated twice per month to guide the program’s activities for maximized student success. Prior to implementing the Conga solution, CollegeTracks staff at each high school would manually compile a summary report for that school by running 18 Salesforce reports to determine 24 data points, and then transcribing those data points into an Excel® template with built-in formulas to determine the required sums and percentages. The Executive Director would then combine the two high school summary reports into an overall program summary report to share with board members and donors. The final report was prone to transcription errors and consumed a great deal of mental energy for an already limited and taxed staff.


  • Generated summary reports in Excel twice per month on aggregate program performance
  • Required 36 Salesforce reports to export 48 necessary data points that were then combined and manipulated in Excel
  • Manual time before Conga solution: 15-20 minutes for each high school summary report generated twice per month by staff at both schools


Working with the preexisting Salesforce reports and SOQL queries, CollegeTracks implemented Conga Composer® to automatically merge query values into an Excel summary report that calculates sums and percentages. Now, by clicking on a custom button, users can initiate 48 queries to generate an overall program summary report in less than five minutes. The process has been streamlined from about 100 steps for all 48 data points (2-3 manual steps each) to a few clicks for gathering and summarizing all data into the desired output.

CollegeTracks can now generate all of their necessary reports from six custom buttons. These Conga Composer buttons run more than 200 SOQL queries that each return a calculated number merged into the appropriate report. This solution replaces the equivalent of manually running and manipulating data from more than 60 Salesforce reports.


Conga Composer integrated with Salesforce Sales Cloud® has reduced the time CollegeTracks spends generating summary reports by 80%. The solution has also vastly increased data accuracy and reliability, which are essential to managing the non-profit’s programs, serving the students and pursuing financial support.

Time savings and staff efficiency: 12 minutes savings per report. CollegeTracks benefits from data in a palatable format that can be easily utilized within the organization or sent to someone outside the non-profit, and generated without a dedicated resource to perform data analysis and create reports.
Increased data accuracy, depth and access: CollegeTracks now has greater depth of reporting not previously possible due to time constraints, as well as greater confidence in data accuracy, because Conga Composer has eliminated the need to transpose or manually compute numbers. The Executive Director can more quickly monitor staff and program activity and respond to questions from the board and donors, since reports can be generated in less than five minutes.
Increased user satisfaction: The staff is now able to spend their time and focus their mental energy on the students and the mission of the organization instead of on administrative duties.
What made the Conga solution stand out? Conga Composer’s deep integration with Salesforce and robust data processing abilities, including SOQL queries to aggregate data from numerous reports, enabled CollegeTracks to create complex summary reports on the organization’s performance.

Additional use cases: CollegeTracks also uses Conga Composer for creating a variety of donor acknowledgement letters and mailing labels.

“With Conga Composer, we push a button and get all of the information we need out of Salesforce immediately. All our staff members can now analyze the key metrics in real time and can take critical action steps immediately, without waiting for someone else to generate the reports.”

Susan Spock
Director of Special Projects and Analysis

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