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Creating a business case for contract management in healthcare

Contracts play a major role for every business, and if they are not well-administered, they introduce an area of significant potential risk and loss.

Contracts play an especially important role in healthcare—from business operations to employment to compliance to patient interactions—but many organizations have not taken steps to update and optimize their contract management processes. This includes contract requests, tracking and managing of contracts and terms, and measures to ensure compliance and reduce risk, among others.

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Conga Contracts does exactly what we need. It is simple and easy to use. The design of the Conga Contracts negotiation process tracks the email sends throughout the negotiation process as Salesforce activities, captures the changes via versioning, and provides a very intuitive ‘true-up’ function to produce the final agreed upon set of clauses in the contract for final signature.

Suzan O’Leary
Project Manager Abiomed