Press Release

Contract Management Services Provider Novatus Announces 98% Retention Rate at 5-Year Anniversary

February 25, 2013

Novatus, a leading provider of contract management services, announced today that at the 5-year company mark, they have maintained a 98% customer retention rate. “Retention rates in the cloud-based SaaS market generally don’t achieve this level of customer engagement and we couldn’t be happier about our team’s commitment to the ongoing success of our customers,” said Bob Gambotz, CEO of Novatus.

Novatus attributes this retention rate to the ability of the contract management solution to continually add value for customers. All of Novatus’ SaaS customers are currently running on the latest version of the software. New versions are released three times a year and all customers are instantly able to take advantage of the added features and functionality. This ensures that customers are always maximizing their return and the solution is delivering the highest level of value in the market.

Additionally, Novatus has an experienced support staff that is able to resolve customer support issues in record time.

“Customer retention and customer satisfaction are two of the key metrics that set us apart from the competition. We are very excited to have achieved this at our 5-year anniversary,” said Gambotz.


About Novatus: Novatus is a leading provider of cloud-based contract management solutions. Their contract management solution is utilized by companies around the world to gain control of their contracts and visibility across their agreements. Novatus’ customers report increased efficiency in their contract administration, reduction in risk, and productivity gains by using the Novatus contract management system. For more information, please visit .