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Conga® Unveils New Artificial Intelligence Engine

April 22, 2019

Company Launches Conga AI AnalyzeSM, Surpasses 900,000 Users on its Digital Document Transformation Suite


NEW YORK CITY (April 23, 2019) – Conga, a leader in end-to-end Digital Document Transformation, today announced the release of Conga AI Analyze℠, a new product that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to unlock actionable business insights from digital documents and contracts. The company also announced onstage at its annual conference Connect that it recently surpassed more than 900,000 users on its Digital Document Transformation Suite, having added more than 100,000 users since January. The growth is a reflection of Conga’s continued focus on customer success, highlighted by its 1,500+ 5-Star customer reviews.

“Everyday documents — including contracts — are the lifeblood of modern business, but organizations struggle to turn the information hidden within them into insights that propel their businesses forward,” said Doug Rybacki, Chief Technology Officer at Conga. “When used in conjunction with the Conga Suite, AI Analyze enables organizations to analyze, organize and manage all of the key information in their contracts to accelerate the contract negotiation process and close deals faster than ever before.”

AI Analyze empowers companies of any size and industry to integrate AI to unleash the power of everyday documents. Within a matter of seconds, clients can analyze their contracts to identify and act on key information, eliminating time-intensive manual tasks associated with daily paperwork. Conga stands out from other, more traditional contract management vendors in the marketplace in that it is building AI Analyze into its full suite of products, enabling the software to identify and convert both structured and unstructured data into actionable intelligence. Conga AI Analyze empowers users to easily evaluate their business documents resulting in:

  • Improved Accuracy: Automate the review, approval, and analysis of contracts thereby reducing human errors and mistakes.
  • Increased Efficiency: Reduce contract turnaround time by using AI to identify key clauses and contract metadata in seconds instead of hours or days.
  • Enforced Policies: Identify contracts in process that don’t comply with organizational gold standards.
  • Streamlined Workflows: Export key contract data into the CRM, CLM or ERP systems to better understand customer data and act on it.
  • Better Salesforce Integration: AI Analyze extracts key data points and clauses from contracts and documents, allowing customers to leverage unstructured data and save the data within Salesforce in a structured format. Leveraging the data captured by AI Analyze alongside Salesforce Einstein’s predictive intelligence enables customers to build a complete view of their business in order to make smarter and more predictive decisions.

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About Conga

Conga is the leader in end-to-end Digital Document Transformation. From collaboration and creation, through contract management and negotiation, to agreement and e-signature, the Conga Suite has set the standard for automating business productivity and CRM investment through end-to-end Digital Document Transformation. The Conga Suite, which includes Conga Composer® , Conga Collaborate℠, Conga Contracts℠, Conga Grid℠, Conga Sign℠, Conga AI AnalyzeSM and Conga Orchestrate℠, drives segment-leading ROI by simplifying and automating intelligent data, documents, contracts, signing, and reporting outcomes.

As a top global Salesforce Platinum ISV Partner, Conga produces the highest volume downloaded paid app on the entire AppExchange. In fact, more than 850,000 users in 85 countries across virtually all industries rely on Conga applications to drive digital document transformation, including Hilton Worldwide, Schumacher Group, and CBRE.

The company is privately-held and based in Colorado with global operations in the UK and Australia. Learn more at or follow Conga on Twitter: @getconga.



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