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Formstack integration

Formstack is a powerful online form builder that allows you to create and manage mobile-responsive web forms. These forms can be used within Collaborate to capture data throughout the document management process.

For Collaborate users

  • Use Formstack form submissions to drive document generation.

  • Input data in a Formstack form as the first step of creating a Collaborate document. This data can then be used to populate a Collaborate document.

For Collaborate document recipients

  • Embed a Formstack form in your Collaborate document to collect data from your recipient.

  • Choose to require a form submission before being able to sign the Collaborate document.

  • Choose to collect payment information after signature by routing signers to complete additional forms as a step of your business process.

For Collaborate administrators

  • Use Formstack form submissions to update existing records in Salesforce.

  • Integrate Formstack with other databases such as payment processors, CRMs, accounting or other back office systems to do more with form submissions.

Formstack is a robust form building solution. With an intuitive drag and drop interface, the platform makes it easy for markets from an array of industries to create branded, mobile-ready web forms without writing code. With features like social media plugins, custom themes, and analytics, marketers can see an immediate lift in their conversion rates. For more information about Formstack, please click here.

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