Why every day is Earth Day with Conga

Kelli Blystone

April 22, 2020
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Happy Earth Day!
Does it feel weird to celebrate such an occasion at a time when the world’s population is at risk and fighting a global pandemic?

But, as we face this threat to our health and environments, we've all taken a step back to change the way we move through life. And these changes are showing up in different ways, with some of the most noticeable in how we treat our planet, and how we're adjusting to the limitations that come with being quarantined.

At Conga, we're no stranger to change. Change is a constant—our business is centered around helping companies make some of the biggest transitions they'll ever face as they shift to digital systems and automated processes.

So in honor of this (vastly underrated) holiday and our dedication to Digital Document Transformation, we'd like to share some of the ways our customers have transformed their processes from physical paper to a digital solution, reducing their carbon footprint while drastically increasing efficiency among their teams.

The following testimonials were collected from our Conga Champions program:

  • We implemented Salesforce to start. Then, with Conga Composer, switched our documents and proposals to paperless. We then implemented dual monitor setups so people wouldn't need to print to see two things at once. Almost paper free now!
  • Our staff monitors contracted child care providers (between 50 and 200 visits per month, not including technical assistance and quality initiatives). Each visit was 2-3 pages of notes. Now, staff use a custom object in Salesforce to record their visits, generate a form with Conga Composer and then have it signed onsite with Conga Sign. Not only does this make business faster, but we don't have to print (or mail!) a single piece of paper.
  • With the ability to sign digitally, the processing of contracts has changed drastically. We no longer need to print and chase down individuals to sign and then scan in and send out to the necessary parties, the entire process is digital.
  • We no longer manually sign, we use electronic signature with Conga Sign and have done so for a while now so we’re saving on paper, ink, and electricity for the printer. We no longer send customer copies via scan or post so we save there, too!
  • We would print all of our contracts and proposals for ink signatures then scan them in. Now it's all digitalthousands of pages of paper saved each week!
  • Our advertising agreement process was paper documents and wet signatures that then got scanned and emailed to finance. Finance then printed them, wrote a number on the agreement, and scanned then faxed to document to a third party. Then our design would print the agreement again to attach to the ad design process. Now it's all in Conga, Salesforce, and emails.
  • Contracts that used to be physically passed from one person to the next for approvals and signatures are now fully automated with a few clicks of a button.
  • Every time we had a new redline of an agreement, we’d need to print it to maintain a record of the negotiation. When you’re looking at 40-page agreements, that’s hundreds of pages for a single agreement for a single vendor. Now, it’s all maintained in a single digital record.
  • We now digitally create, sign, and submit all advertising agreements, approximately 10,000 annually.
  • All communications are digital and we have eliminated paper, as well as the need for secure disposal.

We hope this serves as inspiration that every day can be Earth Day when you’re using a Conga solution! Learn more about how you can start digitally transforming your document processes.

R.I.P. filing cabinets.

About the author:

Elise Rooney is Conga's Senior Customer Marketing Manager.

Kelli Blystone

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