No wait, there's more: How Conga connected the dots in the digital document space

Matthew J. Schiltz

September 25, 2018

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I've been extremely blessed in my life, both personally and professionally. The fifth of five children raised by a single mom working two jobs, one might think this would give me a negative start to life. Instead, the opposite was true: it made me who I am today. Every day I count my little blessings, for simple things like the great people who surround me, and small wins that mean so much when you start at the bottom. I’ve also been fortunate in big ways, like being blessed to the point where my wife (of 29 years) and I are able to personally match 50 percent of Conga employees’ charitable contributions.

From humble beginnings to the CEO's office

I’ve been a tech CEO since I was 29 years old. Together with some amazing people, we’ve built some incredible companies and changed a lot of people’s lives. That’s what floats my boat. Somehow I was able to change my life from very modest beginnings, against the odds. If I can help people do the same, that’s the ultimate measure of success for me.   Conga is my third experience as the CEO of a digital documents company. First I led CourtLink; next, DocuSign. And while each company produced solid technology alongside a strong, smart team, it was the combination with other complementary offerings at each of the first two companies that created real solutions for customers.

Digital Document Transformation: the missing puzzle piece

At CourtLink, things really started to take off with the successful acquisition by LexisNexis. For DocuSign, it went public in 2018 and reached a multi billion dollar market value. But I’ve always felt like there is unfinished business in the digital documents space. The final frontier—what businesses really need—is true Digital Document Transformation. Not just e-signing the document, or making it easy to manage, but a suite of connected products that digitally transform your documents through their entire lifecycle. This is what we have at Conga, and I marvel at how we’ve been able to put it all together. The Conga Digital Document Transformation Suite features the highest downloaded paid app on the entire AppExchange. It will take you through document creation, collaboration, negotiation, e-sign, full life cycle management—all powered by Conga AI, creating true Digital Document Transformation! The Conga Suite is by far the most complete and powerful solution, and it’s what makes Conga so compelling both in the market and for me as a CEO. Finally, all of the pieces are connected, and in one place!

The connected customer and the Conga Suite

This week, Conga is at Dreamforce, where all great tech meets to discover what the market demands, and how we can supply that demand. Along those lines, one part of Marc Benioff’s keynote resonated particularly well with me. He discussed how we are entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a time where everything is connected. He said, “all of our companies are doing what they can to connect their customer, their products. Everything is connected.” We’re all trying to provide the most connected experiences for our customers, and for Conga, this is especially true. The Conga Suite is the first complete, end-to-end digital transformation solution, keeping customers connected to the most innovative technology throughout the entire lifecycle of their business documents. Please honor us by joining thousands of successful customers that entrust Conga to be their partner on this connected, Digital Document Transformation journey. The rewards are great, and you have the best partner in the world in Conga. Let’s change the documents world together. From modest beginnings come life changers!

Matthew is an experienced senior executive with a proven track record of building successful, high growth technology and cloud companies ranging from the private start-up stage to public companies. He is responsible for setting Conga’s growth strategy, which includes financing, driving global sales and expanding product offerings.

Matthew J. Schiltz

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