For Natterbox, customer communication management is a snap with Conga

Kelli Blystone

June 19, 2019
conga man in suit interview

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Natterbox is a modern voice telephony company providing telephone services that integrate completely with Salesforce, essentially combining the phone and Salesforce into a single system. This makes it possible to efficiently track data and interactions from every call, without having to manually update a system of record.

The Natterbox platform is scalable, global, and allows users to accept calls from anywhere when logged into Salesforce. And it’s simple to use — no phones, hardware, or software needed — just headsets.

Prior to implementing Conga, Natterbox was using two to three different solutions to create and send documents and agreements to customers and prospects, and to get them signed electronically. This was less than efficient for employees, made tracking difficult, and the company wanted to improve customer interactions.

Natterbox was looking for a better method to manage customer communications, to even out some of the seams and sharp edges, and to create an easier, smoother customer experience. Hear Natterbox COO, Adrian Evans, talk about how the company integrated Composer and Sign into their customer communications to send out digital agreements with a single button click. With the change, Natterbox accomplished their goal, creating seamless, repeatable processes that made for happier customers and greater efficiency.


Kelli Blystone

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