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October 03, 2017

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Introducing Conga Contracts Enterprise Edition

At Conga, our goal is to help organizations automate the things they do every day, creating a faster, easier way to do business and leading to greater productivity. We want to meet our customers’ needs where they are today, regardless of size. We also work to provide what’s required to help them grow and thrive, so that they can scale their use of Conga’s solutions as their needs change. As our customer, you should be able to choose the approach to contract management that is right for your organization. We had this in mind when we created the Enterprise version of our Conga Contracts solution, built on the Salesforce platform to streamline the contract cycle. Our new Conga Contracts UI speeds up contract creation and negotiation, with some new features specifically designed to facilitate these processes for enterprises. These include the ability to track and manage third party contracts and additional clause management options that make it easier to navigate more advanced contracts. Key features of the new release are:

  • New User Interface: The new document-centric UI makes it easier for users to understand context when viewing redlines and incorporates True-Up, which allows users to review the buyer’s changes to documents while simultaneously updating associated fields.
  • Clause Playbook: In Enterprise edition, users can store alternate versions of commonly negotiated clauses in the Clause Library and swap an existing contract clause with a preapproved fallback clause.
  • Capture: Users can now highlight text in the Redlining UI to “True-Up” any data on-the-fly, or create “Document Types” to support advanced Salesforce CPQ generated documents.
  • 3rd Party Contracts: Conga Contracts can now support 3rd party paper. Users can track, compare and map data from 3rd party negotiations.

“With a contract repository, negotiation features like redlining and True-Up, and analytics that drive business forward, Conga Contracts becomes business-ready faster than ever,” said Doug Rybacki, VP of Product Management at Conga. “The enhancements we’ve made to Conga Contracts will allow our users to bridge the contracts gap between their sales and legal teams.” The new Enterprise edition of Conga Contracts is being released during our Conga Connect Las Vegas user conference. On the heels of our Conga Connect London event, Conga Connect Las Vegas will feature a keynote address from Sara Varni, SVP, Product Marketing, Salesforce Sales Cloud, offering advice for how companies can get started using quote-to-cash to improve speed, quality, consistency and efficiency in their business processes. Conga Connect also will feature general breakout sessions highlighting tips, tricks, lessons learned and best practices for Conga customers looking to transform their business processes and streamline operations. The conference schedule will also include product and industry deep-dives, Conga University Peak Sessions and face-to-face time with the Conga professional services team. Read more about Conga Contracts Enterprise Edition in the press release. Find the Conga Connect agenda here.


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