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5 tips to ensure a successful integration.

Integrations matter. Understand why.

Particularly in the realm of contract lifecycle management (CLM), integrations are key. They are the common departmental connector that allows legal, procurement, and sales teams to be able to work together in a single cohesive system. This may be why integrations can be difficult, time-consuming and riddled with problems and do-overs. This doesn’t detract from their ultimate benefit, but knowing how to avoid common pitfalls will help ensure faster ROI on the projects.

Integrations are extremely powerful—when done right. Fill out the form to get the top 5 success tips from Conga’s technical services team, who have a 100% proven track record integrating your CRM, ERP, and CPQ systems with our own contract lifecycle management system, Conga Contracts.

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You can ask anyone in our office and you'll get the same answer. We absolutely love Conga Contracts and don't know what we'd do without it.

Brian Gubb
Polk County Board of County Commissioners